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Nov 14, 2018

The Three Components the Best Makeup Brushes All Have

Yes, there are a lot of makeup brushes a customer can choose from these days. It’s easy for companies to create just another brush for cheap, but is that the best choice for your brand?

Brushes bring real value in their performance. Having the right beauty tool that works with your product to deliver a flawless application will help to exceed your customers’ expectations. And, in a digital world where vlogger and influencer reviews can make or break a brand, you want your brushes to make an incredible first impression and provide consistently superior makeup application every time.

Here are three components that all of the best brushes have:

1) Excellent Functionality

When choosing fiber materials, different options each provide different benefits. Natural makeup brush fibers, sourced from goats, ponies and badgers, offer optimal product pickup but can provide inconsistent quality and are ethically controversial for customers. Synthetic PBT fibers are cruelty-free but often don’t have the same level of performance as a natural fiber option.

Tafre fiber combines the best of both – it’s 100% cruelty and animal-free with a finer tip, allowing it to be softer, more durable and hold more product better.

The shape of the brush is just as important. Your product will need to be shaped based on its intended use so that it can reach creases, small or curved surfaces on the face.

2) Fiber Density

It’s not just about choosing the right brush fiber. The density of your brush’s fibers will dictate how product is picked up, carried and eventually transferred to the face. When there are more fibers in a brush, product can sit on the top of the brush for more precise application. With scarce density, fibers can tilt or bend, causing product to seep deep into the brush itself, which is less sanitary, makes the brush harder to clean and – most importantly – doesn’t provide the best experience for the user.

3) Superior Form

How does your brush feel to your customers? Is the handle comfortable to hold? Do you offer decorative brush handles and are they well-crafted? Is your customer proud to own this brush? Do they see your brush as a valuable instrument for their beauty routine?

Work with a makeup brush manufacturing partner that will take the time to identify your customers’ needs, determine the best materials and engineer a brush that enhances your makeup products, so the customer has the best experience possible.

Brushes for Passionate Beauty Brands

If you are a brand that’s passionate about your products and want them to be shown in the very best light, you must make high-quality applicators a top focus. Cheaply made brushes with inferior fibers and construction will do your product absolutely no favors. It’s time for a beauty tool that matches the quality of your product and your brand.

Visit our Cosmetic Brush Portfolio to learn more about our different brush options.

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