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Jul 26, 2013

Tailored Tools

Not so long ago, there were few choices when it came to makeup and skincare products.  Over the past 20 years advances in beauty products design has caused the industry to explode with new products, formulas, ingredients and color options.  Now customers can choose products that match unique skin type and color and reflect their individual creativity.

It is exciting to shop for makeup and see thousands of choices in one location.  But when it comes to making choices it can be hard to know what formula, color or even applicator is the right one. Consumers have learned the hard way that if you don’t use the right applicator you will never get a great result.

Makeup companies are waking up to the fact that with so many formulas and product types to choose from, there is a need for applicators that match the formula and apply the products perfectly. Expecting one applicator to “do it all” doesn’t cut it these days.

This is why a makeup brand might have 10 mascara formulas, each with a different applicator.  Each applicator has to be tailored to the specific formula to give the best results.

As makeup and its application are becoming more detailed, more tools are needed to handle those details.  Makeup is one of the most powerful details people create each day, and cosmetics components and tools manufacturers like Taiki are leading the way with the philosophy of designing and offering Tailored Tools. When a major cosmetic company needs the perfect applicator tool for their product they call on Taiki, which asks the following:

  • Formula/Product Type – Is the formula a powder, cream to powder, liquid, cream, solid or aerosol?  Is it water based, emollient based, silicone based, or a hybrid formula?  Does it need to be pumped, spread, poured or sprayed?
  • Application Specifications/Results – How should the product look, feel and perform to please the customer?  What amount of product is best to distribute across the skin or other facial/body feature?
  • Hygiene – Does the applicator tool need to contribute to hygiene safety by passively or actively inhibiting microbial growth?  Does the shape and material used in the tool conform to safety standards?
  • Design – Does the applicator tool match the aesthetic of the cosmetics packaging and represent the beauty of the product and its results?  What applicator design will be most pleasing to the customer?
  • Applicator Tool Options – Will the formula perform best when applied with a cosmetics sponge, brush, roller ball, porous tip or a combination?

Taiki has developed hundreds of options in each applicator tools category. They continue to create innovations and are prepared to offer the perfectly tailored applicator to match the formula and objective.

Taiki’s collection of beauty tools combined with application expertise provides solutions that enhance the makeup experience.  In addition, Taiki’s commitment to antimicrobial excellence offers application tools and cosmetics packaging that not only perform well but are safe to use over and over again.  Taiki has over 75 years of experience in antimicrobial technologies and can deliver the right level of protection.

For more information about how to choose the right applicator tool, click here. 

By Matthew Waitesmith

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