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Aug 13, 2018

Taiki Celebrates 30 Years of Science & Design

TaikiUSA is proud to be celebrating a milestone this year: 30 years of providing skincare and makeup brands with Beauty Innovations. Combined with science & design, Taiki has continually developed many unique products that have changed the industry.

We have evolved over the years to become a best-in-class, full-service manufacturing partner – providing complete design and consulting, project management and logistical support as well as manufacturing and delivery services. We are driven by being a partner, not just a supplier, which has allowed us to be successful.

Application Matters Today More Than Ever

As application experts we understand your needs – from products to formulas to understanding the consumer and how the product is sold. We have solid experience in branding and creating efficient supply chains.

Creating and Innovating for Decades

Over the past 30 years, TaikiUSA has advanced with the beauty industry, developing the latest technology and patented products that offer the best application solutions.  Taiki focuses on future growth, with a strong emphasis on Kaizen – continual improvement. This allows us to keep our attention on the current trends in the beauty business but also a strong emphasis on future innovations.

If you want to know what’s next in the beauty industry, partner with TaikiUSA.

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