Taiki Moves Into Contemporary Office Focused on Costumer Needs

TaikiUSA, a science-driven, innovative beauty tool and product supplier of cosmetic and skincare solutions, has announced they are moving to a new office.

The office remains in Montvale, NJ but has moved to the new, state-of-the-art offices at 200 Market Street. This move represents a commitment to new communication tools and technology that will provide our customers and employees with a better experience. It gives employees flexible workspaces and various ways to interact with customers in a virtual environment. The new space also includes a Design Lab and a Packaging Lab. “This will let us focus more on our growing technology and develop quality product that meet consumer needs,” says Jim Perry CEO/President, TaikiUSA.

Taiki focuses on continued improvements of products and people. This new office environment is instrumental in supporting our customers. “The Packaging Lab will allow us to independently verify and validate factory information, will have functional test equipment for components and an Environmental Chamber for our skincare turnkey products. This will give Taiki a path to faster results, higher project confidence and better quality overall,” says Jan Wilson, Vice President of Sales and Development. TaikiUSA researches solutions that incorporate the latest technology and scientific advancements to each product.

Taiki studies material and chemical science and microbiology to understand how products function and provide proven results. Focused on sustainable alternatives, Taiki discovered a better option for waterless technology using nanofibers.