Performance Skincare

Woman Touching Soft Smooth FaceFacial sheet masks have been around for quite some time, but not all sheet masks are created equal. Some have ingredients such as harsh preservatives, corticoids (steroids), or have no active ingredients, meaning there is no benefit to their use. These formulas have not risen to the standards consumers expect from skincare products or the results they desire.

You may have heard of the term “high performance skincare” recently and wondered if this is something you should offer to your customers. High performance skincare equates to a high concentration of actives or powerful ingredients that delivers intended results and can provide immediate relief. High performance skincare is a perfect mix of ingredients that will both benefit the skin and protect it with natural ingredients. Taiki’s renewal sheet mask embodies high performance skincare.

Renewal Facial Mask

Our Renewal Sheet Mask contains concentrated 5% niacinamide (vitamin B3) formula, which decreases hyperpigmentation and inflammation. A 2005 study shows that topical use of niacinamide additionally helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, red blotches, and skin yellowing. The study showed an improvement in skin elasticity as well.

Key Ingredients

Taiki’s 5% niacinamide Renewal Sheet Mask helps support the skin barrier, which is the outermost layer of the skin, increasing the resiliency of the skin and minimizing pores. Ultimately, this gives skin a brighter, younger-looking appearance.

Not only does the formula contain niacinamide, but it also has betaine and arginine. The Betaine in the renewal mask will soothe the skin while it also protects it with its moisturizing properties. It will, in effect, soften the skin’s texture by reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Betaine is safe to use on the skin and does not cause skin irritation.

Arginine is an ingredient that promotes the production of collagen. It has been shown to have antioxidant properties that help combat free radicals. It also dilates the capillaries and increases healthy blood circulation. With the increased production of collagen and blood circulation, there is an improvement in firmness and a decrease in signs of aging.

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