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Sep 4, 2013

New Products Call for Innovation in Application

cosmetics packagingA recent article in Beauty Packaging Magazine, Advances in Applicators and Tools, started me thinking about how innovations can change our industry.

New developments in applicators and cosmetics packaging have made products easier to use and safer and have made products possible where they were not before.  Applicators are often the unique selling point of a product instead of an afterthought, as they tended to be in the past.

The article states that for many years, synthetic fibers were not a viable option for luxury cosmetics and “they weren’t always as widely used – even by brands that preferred not to use animal products- because the performance wasn’t there.”  Newer synthetics developed in the past 10 years have made them the preferred luxury brush fiber.  Brushes such as Taiki’s Tafre collection offer the performance of animal fibers with the flexibility and social consciousness of synthetic fibres.

Blending sponges are a major trend identified in the article, specifically the 3D sponges created for contouring.  In addition to unique shapes, Taiki offers the Duo Sponge.  A barrier separates the thin layer of Cellbian that is married to a Celltex core, keeping product from seeping into the sponge.  The soft, top layer evenly deposits the product on the skin with less waste and no streaking.  The duo-sponge pairs perfectly with BB and CC creams.

A trend no one could miss in the past few years has been in mascara wands.  Varying shapes, bristle configurations and sizes have fought for the attention of consumers.  This is due in part to the development of molded brushes, which offer features not available with twisted brushes.

Developments in manufacturing and chemistry have brought new products as well as new applicators and cosmetics packaging technology.  Major beauty brands are looking for solutions to provide consumers with a safe application. Taiki’s extensive experience with antimicrobial technologies allows for added confidence.

Whether it is a brush or sponge or container, Taiki has patented solutions that can help deliver a safer application experience.

Taking into consideration design, shape and functionality is important, but is critical.

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