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Apr 25, 2013

Jim Perry Discusses the Importance of the Application Experience in GCI Artilce

The rise of the “Alphabet” creams continues to have a significant impact on the cosmetic industry. Major brands have launched a BB or Beauty Balm cream and now are trying to keep up pace with newest trend of CC or Color Corrector creams. Recently Cosmetics Design reported that DD or Daily Defense creams are next on the radar.

As this trend continues to grow, what will set products apart in the marketplace? People often think of ingredients, and while that is true – it is the application process that will truly motivate the consumer.

The Whole Package by Taiki’s Jim Perry discusses the importance of the initial application process of a product. “Often the application is the greatest competitive opportunity to set a beauty product apart from others.” Creating an innovative, unique, functional application method will only enhance the consumer experience.

Often consumers use their fingers as a tool to apply make-up. Not only does this create an uneven application, it spreads bacteria – creating an unpleasant experience.

Taiki designed an application tool, the Duo Sponge, which provides a distinct performance. This unique cosmetics sponge has two layers that allow the product to stay on the surface – thus getting more out of the product with a consistent application. The Duo Sponge also provides antibacterial protection – providing a cleaner and more effective experience.

It is critical to stand apart from the clutter in beauty products design, providing key benefits and differentiators to consumers is an angle brands should focus on to gain market share. Give consumers results and they will remain loyal.


Posted under: Application Matters, Duo Sponges | By Taiki Beauty

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