Flex Appli Featured on Innovation Tree at Makeup in New York

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This year’s MakeUp in New York featured an Innovation Tree displaying new products that were judged by six top industry experts. The Flex Appli from Taiki was selected as one of the products to be recognized.

Keeping with the theme of “Application Matters,” Taiki took a traditional flat applicator and created a unique flexible design that actually bends to provide a better application.

The face is not a flat surface — it has curves and contours and a features a 3D design for smooth performance. This flexibility works with the skin, creating an easy and fluid application.

The Flex Appli is available with varied head shapes and comes with or without mitt, providing options for both skincare and makeup needs.

The Innovation Tree was a highlight at the show and featured in many industry publications like Cosmetic Designs.

Taking conventional products and recreating them so they enhance the application experience is the focus of Taiki. The Duo Sponge is another example of how Taiki improved on an existing application method to create a better performing product.