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Sep 30, 2013

Facial Masks –So Good They’re Scary!!!

skincare packaging designLarissa Jensen of The NPD Group recently posted a blog about the facial mask she uses. Her family’s nickname for it: the “scary mommy mask.” Her kids love it when she pretends to be a zombie and chases them around the house while wearing the mask.

Another blogger reports that her dog doesn’t recognize her when she wears a beauty mask and will bark and growl at her. If the masks are so scary, why are they so popular?

With anti-aging, intense hydration, lightening benefits among others, consumers are more excited about masks than ever before despite potential family and pet traumatization. Sales have been growing in past years and in 2012 saw an increase of 21%.

A beauty mask works by delivering treatments directly to the skin over the period of time it is worn. Traditionally the mud, cream or gel is applied to the skin with the fingers or a brush, but this can be messy and some of the benefit of the ingredients is lost to evaporation.

There has been a recent surge of interest in sheet masks that cling to the skin and sooth or deliver product. Two traditional types of masks are gel and pre-moistened. Gel masks are used for targeted surface treatment, providing cooling sensations, soothing qualities and/or aromatherapy. Pre-moistened (non-woven) masks are used more as a skin care system, delivering various types of products that penetrate the skin. Taiki supplies both types of masks to the major beauty brands and is the #1 global supplier of non-woven masks, producing over 125 million annually.

Our newest advancement – the aquatic mask – has the most intense delivery system of all types of masks. Through high adhesion, the mask forms a second skin, prohibiting evaporation and providing increased penetration of active ingredients into the skin. This unique, advanced delivery system provides higher efficacy and is ideal for intensive treatments such as hydrating, anti-aging, and dark spot removal.

With years of skincare packaging and beauty products design experience, Taiki has the knowledge and skill to create a mask for your product that delivers. It’s the perfect season to incorporate scare tactics into your routine – so why not get positive skin benefits while having fun?!!

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