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Targeted Treatments

When tackling skincare issues, often times it’s a specific area that needs to be addressed.
This is why Taiki offers a wide selection of patches that target different areas. They are applied to the area of concern, as either a spot treatment or to enhance a feature.


Taiki’s Duo Patch Packs deliver two unique patch formulations in one convenient package, making it easier and more cost-effective for your customers to apply targeted treatments to specific areas of concern on their faces.

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Target specific problem areas right at the source. Taiki offers a wide variety of patch sizes and shapes as well as treatment options and formulas. We’ll work with you to create the best facial patches for your brand.

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Blemishes are not all the same. Regardless of what type of acne your customer has, they want it gone—fast! Acne patches are a great alternative to messy, inconvenient or even discoloring creams. These effective spot treatments are effective, convenient and easy-to-use.

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Microneedle patches feature self-dissolving “microdarts” that contain active ingredients that penetrate two layers deep into the skin upon application. These patches are a more efficient delivery system that create tiny micro-channels in the epidermis, a bit like a well, so formula can sit inside and penetrate the skin more effectively.

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Design & Consulting

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About Our Manufacturing

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