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May 17, 2012

Experts Agree: Beauty Really is In the Science

“Science can be seen in beauty advertisements and packaging, underscoring the importance of a designer’s ability to simplify complex technology into a symbolic representation that is aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated and highly positioned for optimal consumer connection.” – This is a quote from a recent article, Marketing Matters: The Role of Science in Beauty, in Global Cosmetic Industry (GCI) Magazine.Taiki also has strong beliefs that science plays a critical role in creating beauty products, packages and tools. Our company tagline, Beauty is in the Science, as well as Taiki’s commitment to Kaizen, the philosophy of continual improvement, highlights the importance of this concept.At Taiki, we’re constantly looking to improve the consumer experience by using research & development, scientific methods, and engineering expertise to enhance our beauty solutions. We feel that incorporating the two concepts –beauty & science – allows us to achieve greater unique innovations.We agree with the sentiments expressed in the GCI Magazine article that this is a natural and necessary collaboration. The goal of our product development is to help brands create solutions for the consumer that will improve the overall application experience. In doing so, we have created many products that combine the benefits of both beauty & science.Our recent launch, Triangle PGA mask, uses mask technology to improve a traditional mask delivery system. PGA helps to form a second skin and help penetrate active ingredients into the dermis – thus creating a better spa experience.Science added benefits to Taiki’s world-renowned make up brush category. Tafre- Taiki Fibre is an animal-free, sustainable brush fibre that was created by using a multi-patented process. This new brush fibre has the luxurious feel of the finest grade animal hair and flawless performance.For more of how Taiki integrates science in all of its beauty products, packages and tools, visit our website.

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