Enhance the Customer Application Experience With a Well-designed Makeup Brush

We understand the potential consequences to one’s brand if customers are dissatisfied with their products. Let us help you meet the needs of the conscious consumer by feeling good about the application – and the environment.

There has seemingly never been a better time to design with sustainability in mind.

Our science-based solutions are backed by extensive research and 150+ patents that allow us to meet your company’s unique sustainability goals. TaikiUSA is there to help established and startup brands create a statement in the beauty industry with our wide array of material options including eco-friendly, bio-based and PCR solutions. More than just a supplier, TaikiUSA offers innovation to enhance the customer application experience with a well-designed beauty tool.

Create Application Tools Your Customer Will Love

At TaikiUSA, we recognize the importance of cosmetic brushes to exemplify equal parts aesthetics and application. Custom crafted to seamlessly complement your brand’s products and formulations, our unique ferrules to decorative designs allow for superior application – shaped for perfection. We help determine the proper fiber material, length and density along with our wide range of head shapes to help you navigate the perfect solution to your application challenges. Learn more and read our makeup brush infographic here.

Beauty is in the Science

Not just a standard makeup brush, TaikiUSA delivers science-backed, sustainable, cruelty-free brushes to mimic and outperform the performance of natural hair. With the support of Taiki’s distinctively unique materials from plant-derived fibers to FSC certified handles, our team of experts engineer with passion, care, and attention to detail.

From concept and development to logistics and manufacturing, Taiki is a partner that offers full-service support to help you create your next successful project.