Elevating Sustainability in Beauty Products

Taiki has partnered with Atlas Creations to develop next-generation water-activated powder products to elevate sustainability in beauty products.

A Lifetime Career in Manufacturing

Mark Bongiorno, Owner of Atlas Creations, has spent most of his long corporate career working with 3rd Party manufacturing companies. Notably, he worked for Reckitt Benckiser as a Project Manager and External Manufacturing Director. During his tenure, he traveled the world to various manufacturing sites and met many colleagues in the CPG industry. He holds dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering as well as Marketing and Finance, which anchors his base in understanding manufacturing equipment, Operations as well as all aspects of business acumen. He has made and overseen the production of renowned products such as Lysol, French’s, Wizard Air fresheners and Resolve carpet cleaner. Traveling the world to various 3PM facilities, he became aware of the gaps between what a 3rd party manufacturer could provide and what brands needed.

Mark is a people person and loves to talk with people which ultimately lead to his role as the VP of Operations for Jeyes, Inc. At Jeyes he oversaw growth from $5MM to $90MM in sales in just 6 short years. Jeyes eventually moved the company to Ohio and Bongiorno opted to try something new!

The Shift to Natural Personal Care Products

Change was in the air and Michigan was calling his name despite living in busy Northern NJ for much of his life. In tune with Mark’s healthy lifestyle, he sought change and pursued an opportunity to manufacture and market sustainable, natural, and efficacious personal care products and acquired the eCommerce brand TruSelf Organics in its infancy. Utilizing his skills in running a cost-efficient operation, along with developing and sourcing new products, he built a business that offered great products at great cost to their loyal customers. Ecommerce marketing was a never-ending challenge that required constant updating, relearning and modifications. The company grew and he sold the business in 2020.

Gap in the Beauty Market for Natural and Sustainable Products

Noticing the gap in the market and a need for natural and sustainable products he decided to return to product creation and 3rd party manufacturing and started Atlas Creations. He believes in giving back to the community and uses friends and family as product testers. He uses his organic reach to gain new clients (whom he has networked with over the years in the industry) and developed powder-based water-activated products. After developing the new efficacious formulations, he established a scalable manufacturing business.

Water Activated Powder Personal Care Products

Some of the outstanding featured products are water-activated foaming facial cleanser and conditioning shampoo as well as a tooth powder. Atlas’ innovation and scalable manufacturing are a true asset to TaikiUSA. Together we can bring new clean and sustainable products to our customers with world-class made-in-USA quality and unparalleled service.

TaikiUSA is continuously focusing its efforts on providing more environmentally friendly solutions and is constantly looking for improvements across sustainable materials, formulas, and packaging. Interested in learning more about our water-activated solutions? Start your project here.