What is Efficacy in Skincare?

One of the latest buzz words in the beauty industry is efficacy. Efficacy means how well your product works. While a lot of products promise a therapeutic effect on the skin, efficacy means that the product does indeed provide the promised results.

Efficacy in skincare is important to consider as it is the delivery system of ingredients to the skin. Consumers are looking for products that work, products that make a difference, and products that are more advanced – they want results. Efficacy is not a specific formula or ingredient; it is the science and research a company puts behind their product to provide effective active ingredients.

Finding the Balance
Finding efficacious products that are also good for you is sometimes challenging. Many consumers are looking for healthy skincare products that also provide advanced skincare results. Having a balance of effective skincare that doesn’t contain toxins or chemicals is the key to providing the consumer with a healthy, serious skincare experience.

Most consumers are skincare focused right now and this trend has led consumers to be more mindful of their skincare products and routines. Consumers are taking the time to invest in their well-being and health – leading to an increase of new ingredients that are natural and healthier. Many consumers are looking to substitute harmful ingredients with ingredients that have safe and healthy benefits.

Advancing Skincare Categories
Skincare categories that are still seeing positive growth are “maskne” treatments and targeted treatments, clean beauty, at-home masks and peels, and sustainable beauty. New ingredients that focus on the health and well-being are also in the spotlight including probiotics, CBD, vitamin-infused, bakuchoil, niacinamide and more.

Benefits of Facial Sheet Masks & Advanced Formulation
Facial sheets masks are ideal because that they “trap active ingredients on the skin, forcing it to lock in moisture and receive all of the benefits,” says Dendy Engelman, M.D., a New York City-based dermatologist. Having advanced skincare formulas infused in sheet masks enhances these benefits.

Taiki is a top producer of non-woven sheet masks and technologies – creating innovative solutions that make brands successful. Our science-backed products result in positive, healthy application experiences for your consumer. Our line-up of advanced skincare masks take into account market insights, trends and industry activity to deliver that healthy balance consumers need.

Consumers that search for healthier products want to create a better balance of their mind and body. Using products that have healthier, safe ingredients and eliminating ingredients that are harmful, helps brighten the skin and creates a healthier complexion. Probiotic balances out the skin’s microbiome and are formulated to energize the skin.

Consumers are looking to protect their skin from the strain the environment has created, causing inflammation, irritation and aging. Peptides sheet masks are a great way to hydrate, brighten and smooth the skin with anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties.

Consumers are looking for effective, high performance skincare this includes a concentration of actives or powerful ingredients that delivers the intended results. Our niacinamide facial masks has a concentrated formula including 5% niacinamide, which supports the skin barrier. It decreases hyperpigmentation, and inflammation – promoting brighter, younger-looking skin.

Well Aging
Consumers are embracing their mature skin but also want it to be healthy and nourished. They are looking to replace older products with products that have new healthier ingredients. Bakuchiol facial mask is a natural retinol alternative that helps to normalize individual skin pigmentation and allows the skin to repair itself.

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