Dr. Laura Frazier Joins TaikiUSA as Chief Scientist

TaikiUSA, a science-driven, innovative beauty tool and product supplier of cosmetic and skincare solutions, has announced the hiring of Dr. Laura Frazier to the team as Chief Scientist. Frazier is a veteran scientist with over 16 years-experience with electrospun polymer nanofibers.

Dr. Frazier spent over 11 years as the Director of SNS Nano Fiber Technology – pioneering uses of nanofibers for applications in wound care and beauty, in addition to other areas. She earned her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Akron.

TaikiUSA researches solutions that incorporate the latest technology and scientific advancements to each product. Taiki studies material and chemical science and microbiology to understand how products function and provide proven results. Focused on sustainable alternatives, Taiki discovered a better option for waterless technology using nanofibers.

TaikiUSA and Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company (SNC) from South Africa have formed a joint venture that focuses on the beauty expertise of Taiki and the exclusive technology of SNC. SNC is the inventor of the first production method of Nanofibers and TaikiUSA helped fund the first commercial factory that focuses solely on the advancement of beauty products. This partnership led to the creation of Bōshi Beauty.

“Adding Dr Frazier to the organization will allow us to have a broader commitment to nanofiber and overall sustainability. She will be looking for new ideas and innovations for eco-friendly offerings, expand the Waterless Bōshi Fiber product line and research new formulations and ingredients”, says Jim Perry, President/CEO TaikiUSA

“I am excited to bring my experience with electrospun nanofibers to create better, more sustainable beauty products for the consumer,” says Dr. Frazier. “I look forward to investigating how we can incorporate plant-based natural ingredients into nanofibers to create advanced, innovative products for beauty brands.”

Waterless Bōshi Beauty is a transformational product technology that creates new opportunities for beauty and skincare – simple formulations, less packaging, and new applications for consumers.

Waterless Bōshi Fiber is a patented technology that uses a commercially viable nanofiber manufacturing process to enable a new waterless delivery solution.