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Jun 8, 2017

Digital Trend Alert: Bright, Sparkly and Whimsical

There are so many fun, colorful and bold styles trending right now. From unicorns to mermaids, these nostalgic and fun styles are popping up in the form of fashion, food and beauty. Celebrities and civilians alike have taken to social media to share their obsession with all things multi-colored, glittery, sparkly and magical.

Respond to trends quickly for the ultimate differentiator every time

Consumers are looking for unique, exciting products that are on-trend, but still functional. Creating products that align with these trends is a great way to set yourself apart in the marketplace – if you’re have the agility and can quickly respond to new and growing trends, your audience will know you as an innovator and a leader.

Creating makeup brushes with unique options allows the customer to have fun with the product but still experience a flawless application. Cosmetic brushes with decorative handles AND high-quality brush fibers are a home run. Remember, quality counts!

Trendy attracts but quality retains

As trends come and go, it’s critical to have a quality product. Why? Because consumers who chase trends are more likely to make repeat purchases in order to have the most current version. If you can impress them now, then by the time the next trend is here they will know and trust your brand.

Stylize your products

As a leading cosmetic brush manufacturer, Taiki has developed brushes that are decorative and stylized and provides customizable options, including handles with glitter or pearl and the brush fiber with color. We’ll help you give your customers access to this dynamic yet practical way to have even more fun with makeup.

Learn how to Stylize your products. #applicationmatters

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