Cosmetic Brushes: What’s in Your Bag?

Even the best makeup can look bad if it is not applied well. An excellent product can yield a less-than-desirable result if the tools used are not up to the task. Cosmetics brushes made from the right materials will ensure optimum performance of the product. There are all sorts of natural fibers and synthetic fibers available to makeup brush manufacturers for use in a variety of applications.

As with many things, natural is considered to be superior to synthetic. When referring to natural hair, most companies remain deliberately vague. Consumers want “natural” but don’t want to consider where the fibers originated, especially if they came from animals. But as technology develops, more man-made options are available and they are surpassing natural ones in performance.

Here’s a look at some of the natural and synthetic fibers used in cosmetic brush design:

  • Goat is the most common hair used for brushes. It can hold a lot of powder and distributes it evenly.
  • Pony hair is very strong and durable but less soft than other natural hairs. Its cylindrical shape is consistent along the length of the hair, which makes it a good choice for powder and blush application.
  • Squirrel hair is considered to be the finest available. The hairs are very soft, with a wide center and pointed tip. The are known as the most luxurious natural hair option.

For years, cheaper synthetic fibers have been used for mass-market brushes. But with innovations in man-made fiber development and the quality and performance they offer, synthetics are becoming the fiber of choice for the most exclusive products.

  • Nylon is the most common synthetic fiber used but is best for liquid applications. Nylon fibers do not absorb makeup and provide a smooth finish.
  • Taiki’s patented Tafre fiber is the cutting-edge of synthetic fibers. It offers the softness, quality and appearance of the finest animal hair.  It is both an ethical choice, as it animal free, and a green choice as it uses 30% less energy to produce than traditional fibers.

No matter what your product offers to your customer, finding the right application tool is vital to a flawless performance. The beauty products design experts at Taiki have years of experience with both traditional materials and well as the newest developments to ensure your beauty tools and cosmetic brushes offers the most to your customer.