4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Custom Makeup Brush Manufacturer

TaikiUSA has over 30 years of experience creating uniquely designed, custom makeup brushes with many different global and indie beauty brands.

#1 — The Importance of a Unique and Diverse Supply Chain

When an artist has only a few colors as opposed to let’s say, a whole set, they are limited within the resources they have at their disposal to execute the desired artwork. Much in the same way, most Third-Party Manufacturers are stuck with just a few options of substrates and materials to work with depending on their factory capability, machinery, and production capacity.

TaikiUSA is much like the artist with the full box of colors to work with. Having multiple factories and partners specializing in common and unique materials gives the flexibility to produce custom makeup brushes to the desired quality and specifications.

We have expertise in many innovative handle materials such as

  • Zamak
  • FSC Wood
  • PCR, PLA and Food Grade PBT
  • Upcycled materials

#2 — Advanced Materials Lead to Makeup Brush Innovation

The overall goal of a well-crafted makeup brush is threefold:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to use
  • Creates a flawless application experience

The industry standard is to craft makeup brushes using wood or plastic handles. Having access to factories and vendors that specialize in materials like metal widens the realm of possibilities for design and function.

#3 — Special Bundles

The density, length, shape, and wave type of makeup brush fibers contribute to the perfect application experience. Thicker fiber density will deliver an airbrush-like result for foundations or skincare applications. Whereas a brush designed for bronzer or powder will have fibers more spread out and sometimes dual lengths to create the perfect lay down of product.

#4 — Local Expertise with Global Structure

Brands should want their 3PM to have local expertise, but also a global reach. It’s important to find a partner that has a full understanding of what it takes to make a custom brush come to life in the USA –even though it is being produced overseas. From design, development, testing, quality, production, and logistics the partner you chose should be experts in all these areas.

TaikiUSA is part of the global network of Taiki Group (celebrating 90+ years in business!) with sales offices and factories in Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Korea, the U.S.A., and Europe. In addition, we partner with many other factories and vendors we have vetted within our strict quality requirements including:

  • GMP compliance
  • ISO certifications
  • Major Social Compliance agreements

Interested in starting a custom brush project with TaikiUSA? Get started here!