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Nov 14, 2014

Blending Brushes Create a Perfect Foundation

The average woman spends approximately $15,000 on makeup in her lifetime (reported by Of that $15,000, 15% is spent on foundation. Even during times of financial hardship, foundation is a beauty item woman splurge on because it serves as a canvas to the skin and the formula, ingredients and hue are essential. Because foundation is the base of makeup, proper application is critical – this means using an appropriate application tool. There are two main methodologies for applying foundation: sponge or brush.

Most of the time personal preference will determine which tool is best for you. Lately brands have been launching products combined with a tool – showing the best application method for their respective product.

Recently the head shape of brushes is getting a lot of attention – featured with newly designed shapes and sizes. In addition, the brush fibre is equally important and plays an important role in improving overall performance.

Taiki offers both sponges and brushes as application tools. The newest collection of Blending brushes offer unique head shapes that are perfect for uniform liquid and/or powder foundation application.

• Smooth, waved texture for precise application

• Unique reservoir in patent-pending Blending Brush holds product

• Made with 100% animal-free, human engineered fibre

As Application Experts, Taiki can help you determine the best solution for your customer.

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