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Jul 20, 2018

Beneficial Ingredient Breakdown: Beauty Patches + Formula

For targeted treatments, beauty patches can be created in unique shapes to treat specific areas like the forehead, neck, under-eyes, décolletage and more. The materials create a thermal layer that retains heat and reduces evaporation, thereby increasing the absorption of product into the skin.

But shape and materials alone aren’t enough to make a quality beauty patch or sheet mask product – you need a formula with carefully-selected ingredients that deliver the benefits users seek. The active ingredients you choose for your product will depend on your desired product claim.

Taiki has mastered each of these ingredients to create efficacious formulas for our partners. See the full list of formats their benefits and learn how to get started on adding one or more into your next product.


In United States skin care markets, the most frequently sought after benefit has historically been anti-aging. But, can ingredients really turn back the clock on aging skin? There are plenty of powerful ingredients that pack a punch.

Niacinamide and collagen fight signs of aging by improving the elasticity, tone and texture of the skin on the face, under the eyes, on the neck and décolletage. Other ingredients such as peptides and adenosine can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Depending on what benefits you want your product to have, choose the right ingredients that will maximize anti-aging benefits for your customers.


Meet the powerful players in brightening skin that can help reduce inflammation and give it a healthy glow. Ingredients like retinyl palmitate actively promote natural cell turnover which can improve elasticity and suppleness on the face. For under-eye puffiness, there’s MeiYanoL®, an elderberry extraction with anti-inflammatory properties that can calm skin and even reduce the appearance of dark circles.


Whether customers look to a hydrating product in the dry winter months or need to treat dryness on a specific part of the body such as the face, neck, chin, décolletage or under the eyes, the active ingredients in a hydrating product can set your product apart from the rest.

Arguably the most well-known and sought after moisturizing ingredient is shea butter. It has an extremely high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids that provide intense moisture to the skin. Macadamia seed oil is packed with Palmitoletic acid and antioxidants, which protect the skin while preventing the appearance of premature again that can come with dehydration. AHA also has antioxidant defense against free-radical damage, which can help reduce inflammation.

If you’re looking to create a product that will sooth and condition dry skin, look to a berry fruit complex for its protecting and calming properties.


While there are ingredients mentioned above that also have de-puffing qualities, if you’re creating a product specifically claiming to help reduce puffiness – especially under the eyes – then you’ll want the most powerful and purposeful ingredients in your formula that will tighten the skin and improve its firmness.

Ingredients like caffeine, Hydroxyprolisilane SPR® and Cafeisilane C® all have firming properties that can improve the skin’s appearance. Hydroxyprolisilane SPR® contains collagen proliferation properties which can also help with anti-aging and eye contouring.


Common in clay mud masks, customers look to purifying products to detoxify their skin and remove impurities. Patches and sheet masks can provide the same experience but without all the messy mud.

For blemish control, charcoal is known to draw bacteria and other impurities away from the skin. This clears pores and helps to prevent breakouts. Volcanic ash has similar properties with its high sulfur content, an active anti-bacterial mineral that possesses similar disinfectant qualities.

Patches and Formula Pack a One-Two Punch

For a beauty patch to be a success with customers, it needs to have the perfect combination of material, shape and formula. The more effective a product is in treating targeted areas, the more loyal a customer will be to your brand and the more they’ll want to come back to it again.

The right ingredients in your formula are critical when creating a beauty patch. You’ll need to choose the right ingredients that can help you back up your product claim and deliver the best possible user experience.

To start discussing your formula or patch goals, contact a design expert at TaikiUSA today.

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