Beauty Patches Fulfill Demand for Intense, Targeted Skin Treatment

In the last ten years, the American beauty industry has seen a substantial growth in the demand for sheet masks. Sheet masks provide a layer of material between a formula and the skin, which absorbs heat emitted from the body and uses it to dilate pores while also reducing evaporation, allowing more beneficial ingredients to penetrate.

However, there are market opportunities that can be overlooked if your mask line consists exclusively of full-face sheet masks. Providing customers with facial patches such as under eye patches and lip, cheek and forehead patches allows then to address certain problem areas with targeted treatment options.

Beauty Patches Introduce Users to Masks

Customers who want a powerful skincare treatment but are hesitant to try a full-face sheet mask or need to target a specific area exclusively are more likely to choose a beauty patch to meet their needs. Patches and full-face masks are very similar. They both provide users with a relaxing and pampering experience. They both come in different materials and formulas that provide unique benefits. And, they both can be created in fun and colorful shapes. Because of these similarities, using a beauty patch can be a great opportunity to introduce customers to the greater world of masks.

Patches act as a proof point to the concept and provide a stepping stone to other patches for different areas, full-face sheet masks or even more specialty mask products for hands, feet or hair.

Beauty Patches Treat Areas All Over the Body

For many users seeking targeted treatment, their problem area isn’t even on their face. Treating the neck, décolletage, stomach, thighs or other areas on the body requires a product that can target that specific area, with a shape created to optimize coverage and a formula designed to maximize treatment in a short time.

Patches can be created in small dots to treat a blemish or in larger, unique shapes to handle more contoured sections of the face or body, like the lips, chin or the neck. Download the Sheet Mask Report for a breakdown of different materials, their functions and formula versatility.

Extensive Shape Customization Opportunities

Beauty patches can be created from different materials and formulas that target all of these problems:

  • Dark circles or puffiness under the eyes
  • Dryness or oily skin on the cheeks, chin or t-zone
  • Blemishes throughout the face and body
  • Wrinkles and fine lines on the face, neck or décolletage

Taiki has the innovation to create unique shapes with minimal tool cost that achieves a shape that contours and covers specific areas of the body. To get started, contact us today.