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Beauty is in the ScienceSM

At Taiki we don’t just make skincare and beauty tools. We perform extensive research in order to incorporate the latest technological and scientific advances to each of our products and solutions, resulting in better outcomes for your brand and your customers.

Material Science

How materials are produced and how they function with beauty and skincare products can make a significant difference in the customer experience. For decades, Taiki has been an innovator in this space, creating Tafre fiber – an animal-free alternative that performs better than synthetic and natural fiber alternatives, and cushion compact sponge made from cellbian material – a sponge with a tight pore that delivers a luxurious application without absorbing and wasting product.

Chemical Science

Taiki understands a wide variety of effective and proven formula combinations to create skincare products that produce tangible results for customers, including brightening, de-puffing and anti-aging. We work with numerous fruit extracts and complexes, oils, vitamins, chemicals and other ingredients to create intensive treatments. We can provide recommended combinations to build a new product or work with you to improve an existing formula.


To ensure the safety of our products with customers and your products, Taiki uses a broad-scale antimicrobial treatment to sponges, brushes and applicators. This patented treatment that leverages silver ions does not hinder tool performance, but instead kills bacterial, viruses, mold and fungus before they are able to spread into the product or on to your customers’ skin. Because the application tools are being treated, preservatives can be reduced or even eliminated from formulas without sacrificing product safety.

Design & Consulting

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