Join Taiki at Beauty Accelerate Virtual

Beauty Accelerate is an intensive product development conference, innovation showcase and curated network event designed to inspire brands of every size to innovate faster, smarter and more collaboratively. This is the 2nd year TaikiUSA will be a part of this event and although it will be different because of its virtual venue, the content is more exciting than ever.

Join TaikiUSA at Beauty Accelerate Virtual

November 2-5, 2020


Looking for a Waterless Beauty Solution? Learn about the R/evolution of Waterless Bōshi Beauty at Beauty Accelerate Virtual

With growing demands for sustainable beauty and skincare products, waterless beauty is a top trend brands need to watch in order to stay competitive.

That’s why Beauty Accelerate has chosen to kick off the event with a live webinar on the impact of waterless beauty and packaging sustainability. Jim Perry, President/CEO of TaikiUSA will review changes in the industry, the benefits of removing water in beauty products and how to achieve effective results.

Waterless. Simple. Sustainable. Effective.

Live Webinar on November 2, 2020 9:45am

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Can’t wait until November? Read more about Taiki’s Waterless Bōshi Beauty.