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Jun 2, 2020

Are At-Home Spa Treatments the Future of Sheet Masks?

The beauty and skincare industry has seen a growing trend in consumers looking to create at-home spa days and recreate their favorite expensive spa treatments and experienced in the comfort of their own homes.

With technical advancements in the masks category, many facial sheet masks and patches are now just as effective as expensive spa services. Specialty masks options include foot, hand and hair sheet masks with benefits such as detoxifying, hydrating and brightening.

The convenience and cost-savings of these at-home treatments allows customers to recharge and rejuvenate at home for a fraction of the cost. And the results can be just as rewarding.

The Rise of At-Home Spa Treatments

Looking at recent trends, there has been a surge of interest in creating a spa experience at home, as indicated in Google search trends:

Search Phrase 12 Month Trend
How to have a spa day at home ­180%
Spa day at home ideas 170%
At home foot spa ­100%
Home spa day ideas ­90%


The COVID-19 pandemic greatly accelerated the at-home beauty trend, as people were physically unable to go to a spa to receive treatments. While quarantines and social distancing won’t last forever, long-term buying habits are changing in ways that beauty and skincare brands need to understand in order to adapt and capitalize.

Even as businesses across the country reopen and safety precautions are implemented, some people may not be comfortable going to salons and spas.

Social distancing recommendations may remain in effect for a long time. And even with new procedures in place, some people may prefer to limit their trips to the spa.

As a result, many new consumers have discovered spa-at-home alternatives and are adapting their beauty routines to include self-treatments. These new routines may become habit-forming and we are likely to see a continuation of this trend.

In addition, once they’ve had a taste of the at-home spa experience and have seen positive results, consumers may not be able to justify the cost of luxurious spa visits (or at least not as frequently).

The Future of At-Home Treatments

As the at-home spa trend continues to gain popularity, the question is: Do you want consumers to buy your products, or someone else’s?  Now is the time for brands to prepare with quality sheet masks that consumers will see as worth the investment.

Your brand can increase sales with fully tested and ready-for-market foot, hand and hair sheet masks. These specialty masks focus on harder-to-treat areas of the body, and are less available or known to consumers when compared to facial sheet masks. Their up-and-coming status makes them more special and desirable, especially when looking to create a unique at-home spa experience.

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