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TaikiUSA is part of the global network of Taiki Group and includes sales offices and factories in Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia Korea, the U.S. and Europe – allowing for local support and global expertise. In addition, Taiki fosters numerous partnerships that provide best-in-class manufacturing.



With locations across the globe our factory capabilities support all of our products: wet wipes, facial sheet masks, makeup brushes, sponges and containers. All factories comply with global Good Manufacturing Practices and major Social Compliance agreements. Our factories are held to the highest standards in quality and safety and have achieved ISO certification.


TaikiUSA has formed collaborative partnerships with several manufacturers to utilize Taiki’s patented technology to develop many unique products. These partner are selected for their specific expertise and Taiki works in cooperation with them every step of the way to ensure seamless execution. These manufacturers are carefully screened for quality and safety products that are managed from start to finish by TaikiUSA and Taiki Group.



Products such as personal care wet wipes, facial masks, oil blotting paper and oil control film are produced under careful third party manufacturing standards and practices. TaikiUSA provides full service management from design, innovation, development, logistics, manufacturing to delivery. Taiki ensures that our quality standards are met every step of the process to meet customer requirements.

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