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The Key to Flawless Application

Jan 11

Now more than ever, beauty application devices saturate the marketplace. Brands as well as consumers are searching for the latest and greatest delivery system.

Finding an effective application method that enhances beauty routines is appealing to consumers – as reported by Euromonitor. Performance and functionality are key selling features.

In a recent Beauty Packaging article, Delivery Makes the Difference, “many brands are leveraging delivery systems to capture prospective buyers and turn them into loyal customers.”
Designing a range of tip applicators allows Taiki to customize packages—therefore creating options that meet varying beauty needs. Tips are an integral part of the overall component, as they can be designed to accommodate specific application usages.
A flawless performance is what consumers are searching for. Developing an innovative, effective package is critical to the initial purchase as well as repeat purchases. Unique tip options are a great way to differentiate a package while still offering a perfect application.

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