Decorative Makeup Brushes
& Custom Finishes from Taiki

As the leader in cosmetic brush manufacturing for over 80 years, Taiki continues to innovate with new technologies, styles and decorative finishes. From the ferrules and handles to the brush fibers and shapes, Taiki offers unique features for every element of
every brush.

Decorative options include handles that can be filled with glitter, pearl beads or crystal for a fun and flirty finish. Resin can be color-matched for multiple decorative options, including pearl. Textured handles can be customized with metallic finishes to stand out. Ferrules can also be decorated to add a feature look.

In addition to many styles and decorative finishes, Taiki continues to lead with cruelty-free, animal-free brush fiber options that are soft and silky to the skin, easy to clean and that minimize the spread
of bacteria.

Partner with the experts in application and artistry. We have the best brush for every brand.

Taiki Decorative Brush Options:

DECO BRUSH Aluminum Insert
DECO BRUSH Crystal Filled
DECO BRUSH Pearl Filled
DECO BRUSH Sand-blasted
DECO BRUSH Water Transfer Dark
DECO BRUSH Water Transfer Light

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