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Feb 23, 2012

Kaizen: The Beauty of Continuous Improvement

Continuous Beauty ImprovementEvery organization has a set of guiding principles or philosophies that they follow. At Taiki, we use the Japanese philosophy of continual improvement, also known as Kaizen, to inspire and influence all of our efforts. While there is no exact English translation of Kaizen, the word has connotations of continuous, gradual, orderly and never-ending advancement. A follower of Kaizen is characterized by the willingness to constantly, relentlessly pursue improvement, one small step at a time.Kaizen is a transformative concept. Embracing the doctrine that one must always, in all ways, seek opportunities for enhancement results in significant changes. We can see this on the personal level, in our individual lives. We can see this in organizations which, like Taiki, make the quest to always do better at the core of their brand identity.Bringing the concept of Kaizen to the world of beauty packaging and application tools has resulted in many exciting innovations. At Taiki, the ultimate goal is to always find better ways to meet the needs of the consumer. Small improvements can deliver exponential results. We’ve focused on finding ways to make the process of cosmetic application better for the consumer. The results? Check out the Taiki Spatula, the Taiki DuoSponge, Taiki Tafre Fiber, and the Taiki Airless Pump Tube.

Kaizen: Why Improving the Application Experience Matters

Improving the methods of applying beauty products has a direct, positive impact on customer enthusiasm levels. The more the customer enjoys using a product, the more they’ll continue to use it – and, so critical in today’s social media driven world, the more they’ll talk about it. This recent article in GCI, Beauty Marketing Gone Social makes it clear how powerful Facebook and Twitter have become in the cosmetics industry.We work closely with the world’s best beauty brands, fully customizing packaging solutions to achieve the ultimate application experience for the customer. What does that mean for your organization? Contact us today. We’d love to talk with you.

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