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Beauty Accelerate 2021 Information

TaikiUSA is proud to be the Gold Sponsor at Beauty Accelerate, the event connecting brand marketing and R&D Innovation. This will be Taiki’s third year participating in the annual event….

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Posted under: Masks, Patches, Sustainability, Waterless Beauty | By Taiki USA
Two White Bottles Floating in Water

The Mindful Consumer Consumers are becoming more focused on sustainable options – researching and looking for ways to help the environment while improving their own wellness. In a recent study,…

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Posted under: Masks, Patches, Sustainability, Waterless Beauty | By Taiki USA
Aug 17, 2021

Well-Aging Skincare


Female consumers over the age of 55 are now embracing their mature skin and focused on keeping it healthy and nourished. This empowering movement known as “well-aging” is not only…

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Posted under: Masks, Patches | By Taiki USA
Protect and Fortify

Many consumers are making their skincare a main priority. They have taken the time to learn about specific ingredients and the needs for their skin to create a healthy skincare…

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Posted under: Masks | By Taiki USA

The beauty and skincare industry has seen a growing trend in consumers looking to create at-home spa days and recreate their favorite expensive spa treatments and experienced in the comfort…

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Posted under: Masks, Specialty Masks | By Taiki Beauty

No company wants its customers to accuse them of “slowly killing the planet.” Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s starting to happen with recent articles pointing fingers at single-packaged sheet masks. Your…

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Posted under: Biocellulose Masks, Masks | By Taiki Beauty

Lady Gaga. Bella Hadid. Diane Kruger. All of these women have posted what’s known as a “sheet-mask selfie” to their millions of fans on Instagram to see, double tap and…

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Posted under: Decorative Handles, Masks, Uncategorized | By Taiki Beauty

At TaikiUSA, we understand the importance of keeping up with trends and market demands. That’s why we are constantly introducing new products and technologies to support customer needs and interests….

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We all know that what we eat can have a direct impact on how we look and feel. For years, people have focused on having a healthy mind and body…

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Posted under: Masks, Patches | By Taiki Beauty

If your customers aren’t already using primer, they could be missing out on optimal makeup application. Makeup primer helps to moisturize the skin, fight shiny or greasy looking skin as…

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Posted under: Masks, Non-Woven Masks | By Taiki Beauty

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