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Jul 25, 2012

Behind Every Good Man… Is A Good Skincare Regimen

As we see growth in the cosmetic industry and the emergence of new trends, we wondered… is it women that are making the purchases or are men included in the overall goal to keep skin healthy and young looking?

According to a study from NPD Group, “nine in 10 men use some sort of grooming product that includes shaving, fragrance and hair care.” However, one in four men do NOT use skincare products such as facial cleansers, moisturizers, eye products and ant-aging products.

Men tend to use items once they are incorporated into their “routine,” but developing that routine is the key to usage and continued purchases. Industry trends indicate that consumers are looking for convenience. Men, more than any other sector, need to have ease of use and convenience in order for them to build a skincare regime.

Men need to know that there is a need in order to fill it. Once they realize there is a problem, they are more inclined to look for a resolution and incorporate it into their grooming process.

As Application Experts, we work with our customers to solve application challenges. It is important to evaluate the entire need to determine what best solution is required. There are many applicators available that suit varying needs; it is Taiki’s mission to provide the product that will enhance the consumer experience – whether the consumers are men or women!Taiki has some great, on-the-go solutions for men looking to include skincare into their everyday schedule.

  • Wet Wipes are a great solution for after a workout – either cleansers or deodorant wipes
  • Our large liquid dispenser roller pin is a great concept for more convenient skincare application
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