Beauty Solution Design & Consulting

Private Label Design and Consulting

Bring your brand’s concepts, designs and formulas to life by partnering with TaikiUSA.

Your Partner for Creating Loyal Customers

TaikiUSA specializes in designing and delivering custom, quality beauty solutions that meet your customers’ application and performance needs. Get inspired by our product offerings below.

Waterless Beauty

Waterless Beauty

Offer sustainable, efficacious beauty solutions to your customers with instantly dissolving, waterless products.

Waterless Beauty

Beauty Tools Slider

Beauty Tools

Meet product expectations, ensure customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty with the right, purpose-built beauty tool.

Beauty Tools

Masks & Patches

Build your brand in the growing market for masks and patches – scientifically proven to minimize evaporation and increase formula delivery into the skin for your customers.

Masks & Patches


Launch a successful line of makeup removal wipes and exfoliating mitts with our extensive line of formulas, materials and packaging options – or your own custom solution.


How We Work

From concept to development, our process is simple and transparent for our customers and partners with accountability and integrity flowing through everything we do.

  • Consulting


  • Design

  • Deliver

Local Support. Global Expertise.

TaikiUSA is part of the global network of Taiki Group with sales offices and factories in Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Korea, the U.S. and Europe.

Dedicated to Quality

We focus on ethically responsible beauty solutions – like animal-free fibers and antimicrobial solutions. These alternatives allow you to deliver high-quality, high-performing, reliable and safe products to your customers.

Local Support. Global Expertise.


Frequently Asked Questions About TaikiUSA Private Label Design & Consulting

No, we work with brands of all different sizes.

No, we offer a large portfolio of stock products that can be customized to meet your brand’s identity.

TaikiUSA has a wide range of stock shapes/designs, but we can also provide customization for your brand aesthetics. Our Account Managers will be happy to navigate with you, depending on your project needs.

TaikiUSA turnkey products contain many proven skincare actives to ensure effective product results. Additionally, TaikiUSA’s product development team is always searching for new and interesting ingredients, so, talk to us about how we can customize something great for your brand.

We conduct safety testing as well as stability and compatibility testing on all formulas. Additional testing can be arranged if necessary.

There are many variables which come into play in developing and manufacturing an efficacious end product, whether you are looking for skincare solutions or beauty applications. Development lead-times are established up front with timelines, and TaikiUSA is committed to working with you, ensuring that all critical dates are met by both parties. Production time for most products can be in the 10-14 week range.

Yes. After a TaikiUSA representative discusses with you to determine the best sample choices, we will typically send 2-6 samples for preliminary review within 7 business days. Larger requests require manufacturing time.

This varies by product type. At baseline, our MOQs are as follows:

  • Single Brushes: 5,000 units
  • 5 Brushes: 1,000 units 
  • Non-woven full face masks: 30,000 units
  • Non-woven patches: 100,000 units
  • Hydrogel full face masks: 50,000 units
  • Hydrogel patches: 60,000 units
  • Wipes: 25,000 units 
  • Paper/film products: 10,000 units
  • Sponges/puffs: 10,000 units

Our account managers are available to provide details once the specific product is identified. 

What’s Next for Your Beauty Brand?


Your ideas are the foundation of who we are. Let us breathe life into your brand’s concepts and designs so they accurately reflect what you believe in.