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Taiki History

Founded 90 years ago in Japan, Taiki started as a family-owned sea sponge business.

Taiki began producing sea sponges for makeup application and became a globally recognized sea sponge supplier.

Because sea sponges grow bacteria and become hardened over time, Taiki searched for a safer, more effective alternative.

Taiki introduced the first synthetic rubber sponge – allergy-free and safe to use – improving the makeup application process for the industry. This quest for improvement changed Taiki from a sea sponge supplier to an innovator.

Currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, TaikiUSA plans to continue looking towards future trends, markets and technologies in order to create the products that meet consumer and brand needs.

Taiki Innovations

Recognizing the concerns about using natural hair for makeup brushes, Taiki invented Tafre – an animal-free, engineered brush fiber. This patented, high-performing antimicrobial fiber has superior pick up and pay off and provides a flawless application.

Addressing the concerns about safety in makeup and the use of preservatives, Taiki invented a revolutionary antimicrobial resin that offers product and package protection. This patented technology allows preservatives to be reduced or eliminated from product formulas.

Understanding that consumers are looking for a more effective skincare delivery system, Taiki improved upon traditional facial masks, developing Aquatic Mask technology. Taiki also created and patented the Perfect Pull Open sheet mask design, making facial mask application quick and easy for consumers.


Taiki understands the basis for each category – why each product was made in the first place – and how it meets the needs of consumers.

Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, Taiki continues to focus on the next improvement that will make our customers’ products work better on the skin of their consumer.

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