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Shinrei, Calligraphy Artist, Celebrates Tafre Fibre at MUNY

Sep 17

Pursuing the Art and Science of Beauty is a guiding principle of Taiki Group. Consistent with this, Taiki supports young artists who have immersed themselves in the culture and art forms of the past to create new art for today.  We were very pleased to introduce one of these artists to the United States at the MakeUp in New York event. 

Shinrei is the supervisor of the renowned “Shinka” calligraphy studio in Kansai, Japan. By turning calligraphy into performance art, Shinrei creates larger than life designs for audiences throughout Japan and Asia. She shared her talent for the first time at MakeUp in New York on September 9, 2015 to celebrate the introduction of Taiki’s TaFre+ fibre for makeup brushes.

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