Taiki Gives Back

Taiki is committed to making meaningful contributions to improve lives, especially in regions where our factories are located.

TAI-054_Advantage_ChildrensFuture_03One of the organizations Taiki supports is Children’s Future. Children’s Future believes that individual transformation is necessary to rebuild a generation of professionals lost by genocide in Cambodia. Every day their comprehensive programs nurture and educate the most resource-poor children because too many are forced to survive without the dignity or opportunity necessary to realize their potential.

The Children’s Learning Center is the nucleus for all of Children’s Future’s work in Cambodia. More than 230 children come to the Center every day. Through the diligent work of the center’s dedicated staff and volunteers—which includes teachers, social workers and housemothers—the Learning Center is a place children can learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. The organization also reaches out into the community, working with families, local businesses and the local government to ensure the success of each child.


Taiki is committed to bringing beauty to the world, not just through excellent ethical, quality products, but also through making all people feel beautiful, cared for, and important. Taiki has also recently opened a living wage factory in Cambodia that employs 74 Cambodian citizens.