September 2011

Taiki Group, a premier global leader of skincare and make-up beauty tools, packages and products introduced a new sponge that will enhance the application experience by eliminating the absorption problem.

For years make up sponges have experienced the constant problem of product absorption – this issue has led to waste of product and inconsistent application. Using the Kaizen philosophy as a driving force, Taiki looked at various ways to improve the sponge application experience.

“Consumers frequently use their fingers as an alternative to the make-up sponge because some sponges absorb too much product and therefore don’t offer a fluid application. The Duo Sponge is an improvement on both,” said Jim Perry, President/CEO of TaikiUSA. “Taiki developed a solution that includes our exclusive TTP sponge, thinly sliced and laminated to an NBR core. This allows the product to remain on the surface of the sponge as well as maintain a luxurious feel,” adds Perry.

“Taiki works hard to better products and processes for increased consumer satisfaction – that is Kaizen, that is the core of our business,” states Perry. “The Duo Sponge is another improvement that Taiki has made for our customers to provide an improvement to the way make-up and skincare is applied. Our business is constantly evolving and developing innovative solutions is what we do best,” states Perry.

Taiki Group specializes in the art & science of make-up and skincare application. Being an international leader, Taiki offers a global structure that integrates development, manufacturing and logistics to ensure the best quality, superior service and technical expertise. Taiki provides beauty tools, beauty packages and beauty products to major cosmetic and skincare brands around the world.