September 2011

Taiki Group, a premier global leader of skincare and make-up beauty tools, packages and products introduced airless tubes into their product categories.

Taiki offers many versions of liquid dispensers that have been popular amongst the brands, but this addition includes a new package feature – airless technology. “Taiki is a leader in Beauty Packages, so incorporating an airless tube offers an alternate delivery system to our product range of dispensers.” says Jan Wilson, VP Development.

“The air inflow is blocked in two stages using a ‘sealing-plate action’ – which creates an airless environment that aids in elimination of high levels of preservatives. “As proven in our Beauty Package category with numerous applicator options, Taiki is looking to expand the airless tube series to include multiple tips for added value offerings.” adds Wilson.

Taiki Group specializes in the art & science of make-up and skincare application. Being an international leader, Taiki offers a global structure that integrates development, manufacturing and logistics to ensure the best quality, superior service and technical expertise. Taiki provides beauty tools, beauty dispensers and beauty products to major cosmetic and skincare brands around the world.