Taiki Group Factory Receives ISO-9001 Certification

December 2007

Taiki Group , a global leader and provider of quality cosmetic and skin care products, is proud to announce that their Yingkou, China factory has received ISO-9001 certification.

The Yingkou factory is the largest Taiki factory and is located in the Dalian Area. The Yingkou Factory manufactures cosmetic puffs, wet tissues, facial masks, sampler packets, blotting papers, etc… Cosmetic filling, in the form of both powder and liquid, have recently been added to the array of products and service the factory provides. Yingkou has full bulk production, sterilization and has a microbiology lab.

“This is one more step towards providing world-class cosmetic and skincare components and turn-key product solutions in advantageous, quality production locations around the globe,” stated Koji Nakamura, President of Taiki Group.

In addition to this newest certification, the Taiki Group Malaysia sponge factory also received renewal of ISO-9001 certification in August. “These certifications confirm the confidence our customers have always had in the quality products from our Taiki Group factories,” adds Michael Castellano, CEO of Eluci International, Taiki’s US Sales and Marketing Division.

Taiki Group is a Japan based global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of cosmetic and skin care products with nearly a dozen manufacturing facilities in Japan, China, France and Malaysia. Taiki provides innovative quality accessories, components and turn-key product solutions to major cosmetic and skin care brands around the world. To better service the global community, Taiki has Sales & Marketing offices in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai.

ISO, International Organization for Standardization, is a family of standards for quality management systems. The requirements that cover ISO-9001 include a set of procedures that cover all key processes in business including: monitoring processes to ensure effectiveness, keeping adequate records, regularly reviewing individual processes and quality systems and facilitating continual improvements.