Brush Hair that is Inspired by Nature & Improved by Science

September 2011

Taiki Group, a premier, global leader of skincare and make-up beauty tools, packages and products launched a new, improved make-up brush fibre that is superior than natural hair: Tafre – Taiki Fibre.

For over five years Taiki worked to develop and perfect a new fibre that would mimic the luxurious look & feel of squirrel hair. Incorporating a patented twisting technology allows the fibre to have flawless powder & liquid performance – from pick up to payoff.

“Taiki is constantly looking to improve our products to provide beauty brands with new and innovative ideas for application solutions,” states Jim Perry, CEO TaikiUSA. Tafre- Taiki Fibre is the latest scientific breakthrough for Taiki. “Tafre is a new animal-free fibre that is 28% corn-based, which reduces petro-chemical demand. In addition, the quality is more consistent than animal-sourced materials,” adds Perry.

Taiki strongly believes in the philosophy of Kaizen, the Japanese doctrine of continual improvement. “Taiki has always worked to evolve the business based on improving and developing products to meet and exceed our customers’ needs,” said Perry. “We are never finished.”

Taiki Group specializes in the art & science of make-up and skincare application. Being an international leader, Taiki offers a global structure that integrates development, manufacturing and logistics to ensure the best quality, superior service and technical expertise. Taiki provides beauty tools, beauty dispensers and beauty products to major cosmetic and skincare brands around the world.