May 2012

Taiki Group, a premier, global leader of skincare and make-up beauty tools, products and packages has developed the first antimicrobial mascara, with EcoG+, an antimicrobial resin that allows preservatives to be eliminated from the formula. This groundbreaking, safe innovation provides complete protection of the product.

The largest safety concern women have regarding make-up application, is for their eyes. “It only made sense to introduce EcoG+ for an eye product. Risk of eye infections has a negative impact on mascara sales and some common preservatives can be irritating. Creating the first mascara that has no preservatives, yet is still safe to use is revolutionary,” states Jim Perry, President/CEO TaikiUSA.

For years Taiki has been looking for a method to safeguard packages. By incorporating silver and silica, this patented process has afforded Taiki a break-through in packaging technology. “With EcoG+, the package provides preservative protection, and the silica allows for a 40% – 70% reduction in use of petrochemical resins,” confirms Jim Perry, President/CEO TaikiUSA.

“We are extremely excited about the introduction of EcoG+. It has taken years to deliver a product that improves safety and is in the right direction for the environment. Consumers want effective products, but they also want safe products. We are also introducing EcoG+ in Lip Gloss Tubes, Jars and Functional Containers for make-up and skincare uses,” add Perry.

Taiki Group specializes in the art & science of make-up and skincare application. Being an international leader, Taiki offers a global structure that integrates development, manufacturing and logistics to ensure the best quality, superior service and technical expertise. Taiki provides beauty tools, beauty dispensers and beauty products to major cosmetic and skincare brands around the world.