October 2008

In September 2008, Taiki Group and their US-based Sales & Marketing Division, Eluci International Inc., global leaders in manufacturing cosmetic and skin care products, partnered with Kleen Test Products Corporation to expand its patented “D Cap” flow-wrap fitment product.

The patented D Cap is currently used as a closure in cosmetic and skincare wet wipe products. The D cap flow-wrap was carefully designed to keep products fresh and moist and has been a great packaging solution for many brands. “It is the only proven method that protects volatile formulas from evaporating during use,” states Jim Perry, COO of Eluci International.

Together Eluci and Kleen Test will market the D Cap fitment across packaged goods—including personal care, OTC products and household wipes. “This is a great alignment for both parties,” states William Ahlborn, President of Kleen Test. “It gives Taiki & Eluci the opportunity to expand its product use and provides Kleen Test with another product solution that meets our customers’ needs in the consumer & personal care categories.”

About Eluci
Eluci offers a global footprint to meet all cosmetic and skincare manufacturing needs to ensure the best quality, superior service and technical expertise. Eluci’s US presence allows us to provide sales, logistical support and customer service on a local level. Taiki Group provides innovative quality accessories, components and turn-key product solutions to major cosmetic and skin care brands around the world.

About Kleen Test
Kleen Test Products Corporation is one of the world’s largest contract manufacturers and packagers of wet wipes, dryer sheets, nonwovens, liquids and confectionery products. Over the past 60 years, Kleen Test has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to bring innovative products to market.