Eluci International Expands Dispensing Delivery Systems

June 2009

Eluci International Inc., the US-based Sales & Marketing Division of Taiki Group, a global leader in manufacturing cosmetic and skin care products, has expanded its delivery dispensing systems to include various multi-functional packages.

Eluci International offers various dispensing systems that can be customized to offer a selection of function and tips that professionally dispense your product and provide a flawless application. Tubes, Tottles, Push-buttons, Twists, Reverse-Pistons and Dual Dispensers are all available styles and all packages can be customized to feature your brand with silk screening, hot stamping, wrap labels and/or metal over shells.

The patented reverse-piston twist mechanism propels bulk downward when the bottle is rotated clockwise. The product enters the lining screw, which passes through the orifice into the applicator –allowing the product to be dispensed smoothly and consistently. Many tip options and sizes are available to create an ideal, customized dispensing solution.