Pre-Glued Lashes

As an eyelash manufacturer, we provide a full array of pre-glued synthetic false lashes. Drawing from more than 80 years of experience in the cosmetics and beauty industry, we have developed and patented lash technology that can help your brand distinguish itself from the competition. The many benefits of our false eyelashes include:

Easy to Apply.

Our patented pre-glued technology utilizes 100% adhesive strip with no thread core, making lashes more pliable and easy to apply. No messy 2-step application. And our waterproof adhesive keeps eyelashes in place.

Natural Looking.

Our lightweight lashes are designed with an adhesive strip that has no thread core, making them more flexible and natural looking.

Long Wearing.

Once they’re on they stay on. Our lashes are pre-glued with a safe, waterproof adhesive that keeps them on for up to 15 hours, more than double the length of comparable lashes.

Cruelty Free.

Made with superior synthetic fibre, our lashes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. No animal hair or testing on animals involved.

Lots of Options.

We offer various lengths, textures, colors and styles so you can offer a full line of eyelashes – from natural to bold to exotic.

* Taiki lashes are available in the U.S. market only

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