Facial Masks & Patches

Taiki is the largest global supplier of nonwoven cosmetic masks and offers a full range of pre-moistened and gel and aquatic beauty masks and patches. Our unsurpassed knowledge and experience in masks allow us create new technologies that offer superior delivery and high moisture content.

  • Mud Masks combine the deep cleansing properties of mud masks with the convenience of a sheet mask
  • Largest nonwoven masks supplier – over 120M annually
  • Patented offerings include various shapes, materials and technologies
  • Perfect Pull Open facial sheet masks with patented easy-open design
  • Mask+Formula stock formulas and turnkey solutions
  • Nonwoven masks, hydrogel masks & innovative Aquatic Masks
  • Biocellulose masks for increased hydration & protection

Also featuring the improved Hydrogel Mask from Taiki:

  • Clear solution is more appealing than white sheet masks
  • Higher efficacy than traditional masks
  • Cooling effect
  • Increased adhesion and occlusion

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