Own the Application: Liquid Foundation

Product application matters when it comes to building customer satisfaction.

Do your consumers know how to apply liquid foundation? Finger application is often used, but that spreads bacteria and creates an uneven result. See the application tools Taiki recommends for applying liquid foundation and giving your customers a smooth, flawless result.

Own the Application: Powder Foundation

Product application matters when it comes to building customer satisfaction.

Powder foundation provides a healthy, sheer to full coverage with a matte finish. To get the proper, full effect, the correct beauty tool is needed. Taiki's uniquely designed head shape with reservoir allows for circular movements to apply powder evenly for a smooth, flawless coverage.

Own the Application: BB & CC Cream

Product application matters when it comes to building customer satisfaction.

Make sure your consumers are truly getting the complete skincare and makeup benefits of your BB & CC creams. Choosing the right tool can make all the difference. Taiki has two superior applicators that were designed to provide a flawless application for a natural finish.

Own the Application: Face Powder

Product application matters when it comes to building customer satisfaction.

Face powder is incredibly fine, micro sheer powder that works to control shine and hide imperfections. Traditionally, natural-hair brushes were considered the best tool for face powder application. However, Taiki has introduced a new alternative: the Tafre+ Powder Brush. It is 100% animal free and designed with a tapered tip for superior pick up and pay off. Tafre+ is also antimicrobial – providing a safe and smooth application that can fuse makeup.

Own the Application: Contouring

Product application matters when it comes to building customer satisfaction.

The newest trend in makeup is contouring and highlighting. Using the proper tool is critical to creating a perfectly sculpted face. Taiki’s Dual Tapered Brush has a head size and shape that is great for reaching and building coverage in hard to reach areas. Taiki’s Highlighting blending brush is densely shaped for smooth blending to add warmth and dimension.

Square Foundation Brush

  • Perfect for hard-to-reach areas around the eyes and nose
  • Made of synthetic fibre, glides better than natural hair & doesn’t absorb liquid
  • Allows for flawless blending and easy distribution of product

Taiki Beauty Foam

  • Uses an exclusive new manufacturing process to create a smaller, more controlled pore size
  • Results in a lighter, smoother application with a luxurious feel
  • Is antimicrobial, making it a hygienic alternative to finger application

Blending Brush

  • Created with 100% animal-free fibre
  • Patented head shape contains a powder reservoir that can deliver lighter or fuller coverage
  • Distributes powder smoothly and evenly across the skin, using a circular motion


  • 100% animal-free brush with a unique balance of mixed fibers
  • Perfectly contoured brush head with a sharper tip for blending and layering
  • Densely packed fibres so the product stays on top of the application surface

Duo Sponge

  • Dual layer design features soft, top layer that resists absorption
  • Anti-bacterial treatment makes application cleaner and safer than fingers
  • Top layer keeps the product on the surface for a smooth, even application

Tafre+ Powder Brush

  • Patented, 100% animal-free brush
  • Antimicrobial treated, making it a safer, more hygienic option
  • Features a soft, fine tip that is uniquely designed for superior pick-up and pay-off while providing a luxurious feel

Dual Taper Concealer brush

  • Features angled bristles that lightly deposit pigment while offering control and precision for applying product
  • Works well for almost any area of the face and can be used to contour the eyes and nose
  • Doubles as a blending brush to even out any excess product

Highlighting brush

  • Features dense bristles that are ideal for contouring, highlighting and blending
  • Can be used to sweep over the contours of the face seamlessly to blend while providing a smooth finish with perfect highlights

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